Routing example

Audio Interface FocusRite Saffire Pro 40
Input Source Windows applications, 5.1 format
Output 10 analog channels
Method External loop back


We want to use Ekio to filter the 5.1 audio stream emitted by Windows applications. Ekio transforms the input stream into 10 analog channels, which are sent to 10 amplifiers.


The proposed solution is illustrated bellow:

We have to route 6 channels from WDM OUT to ASIO IN. But the soundcard Saffire Pro40 allows routing only 2 channels with internal routing (loop back 1 and 2). Thus, we have to use another solution: we create an external loop back. The signals are sent to the physical outputs of the card (2) and are looped back into the inputs by an external connection cable (3). This way, we make our signals available to ASIO IN (4). We create this loop back with an ADAT digital link, to avoid degrading the signal.

We create the following links:

Link 1:

PC applications use standard Windows audio drivers (WDM, DirectSound, etc). The sound is sent to 6 different channels using the 5.1 format.

Link 2:

We direct the DAW channels 1-6 towards the ADAT outputs 1-6.

Link 3:

With an external loop, we send the ADAT outputs 1-6 to the ADAT inputs 1-6. We do this by connecting a Toslink cable between the optical input and output of the sound card.

Link 4:

The Saffire Pro40 automatically generates this connection. All physical inputs are directed to the ASIO inputs, including the ADAT inputs that we are interested in. There is no special configuration required here.

Link 5:

In Ekio, we start by choosing the Saffire sound card.

Then, we select the inputs we are interested in. All the physical inputs of the card are listed there, including the ADAT inputs. We choose the ADAT inputs 1 to 6 which is equivalent to the channels 11 to 16.

Link 6:

For outputs, 20 DAW channels are available. The WDM drivers occupy the first channels. If Windows is configured for 2.0 output, DAW1 and DAW2 channels are busy. If Windows is configured for 5.1 output, DAW1 to DAW6 channels are busy. If Windows is configured for 7.1 output, DAW1 to DAW8 channels are busy.

Thus, we avoid the first channels and we configure Ekio to output to channels DAW11 to DAW20.


Do not take in consideration the names used for the output channels. They copy the names of the physical outputs and do not correspond to the current routing.

Link 7:

In MixControl, we connect the physical outputs:

DAW11-20 ➜ Line Output 1-10

Link 8:

Analog outputs 1 to 10 are connected to 10 amplification channels.